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TP03: “The Old Way” of Tanjore Painting – Beginners Course

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About Course

******** [Next Batch Starts in July 2023] **********

The course helps students learn and create One beautiful Tanjore painting the old way. Unique traditional materials needed for the course are supplied, and other basic stationery can be purchased locally.

The Old Way” of Tanjore Painting is one of the very few courses available that still use natural ingredients like tamarind, clay, chukka kallu, and other long-lasting natural ingredients and process followed some 400 years ago. It takes back the students to the old ways, from preparing the board to creating beautiful Tanjore paintings. [Students can order the materials, TK01 Tanjore painting kit directly from the platform]

Students can interact with other students and gurus during the course using an online forum.

The entire course is structured in a way that allows students to learn step by step, at their own pace during the week. Students should commit a minimum of 6 hours per week to complete the course.

Tanjore Painting takes its origin from the murals of the Vijayanagara Period (1500-1600 AD), which acquired its rich and vibrant colors during this period. Maratha’s rule in the next two centuries (1600 AD -1800 AD) brought a distinctive style change to Tanjore paintings with the use of Gold, gems, and precious stones.

Tanjore painting, “the old way” has this distinctive richness that is not seen in other paintings. One of the very few styles of paintings you can pass on to many generations to come and the value appreciates as it gets older.

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What Will You Learn?

  • The only course that teaches the old way of making Tanjore Painting
  • One to one peer coaching for students
  • Learn at your own pace, from anywhere
  • Coaching in English, Hindi, and Tamil
  • Certificate on completion
  • An excellent way to relax, eliminate stress and enjoy the experience
  • The student will own one beautiful Tanjore Painting, worth around $100
  • The student will have a good understanding of Tanjore paintings
  • You will learn how to create beautiful Tanjore paintings using traditional methods.
  • Tanjore paintings are always in high demand by art collectors, an opportunity to generate income for yourself

Course Content

Step 1: Skill Assessment (Pre-workshop)
Its very important to understand the skill level of the student, so that the Guru can provide the best coaching and guidance to students. As part of this process, we expect all registered students to sketch and paint a reference painting. Based on the submission, guru can make necessary adjustments to the course speed and contents

  • Tanjore Painting – Bill of Materials (BoM)
  • Tanjore Painting: Bill of Materials Check list
  • Skill Assessment
  • Assignment #1

Step 2: Introduction to Tanjore Painting (PRE-WORKSHOP)
This section will cover the history of Tanjore painting The eight steps to making of Tanjore Painting

Step 3: Stage 1, Preparing Tanjore Painting Board [Week 1]
Now we move to the actual process of creating Tanjore paintings. We will be using the ancient method to create the board.

Step 4: Stage 2, Sketching on the board [Week 2]

Step 5: Stage 3, Fixing stones [Week 2]

Step 6: Stage 4, Clay relief work [Week 3]

Step 7: Stage 5, Detailed relief work [Week 3]

Step 8: Stage 6, gold gilding process [Week 4]

Step 9: Stage 7, Coloring [Week 5]

Step 10: Stage 8, Gold shading [Week 6]

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Sri Parupalli
1 year ago
Very clear and encouraging