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Tejal Desai is a passionate Indian folk artist. Since childhood art she proved to be a constant source of self-expression, which draw her closer and closer to it.She has done her Masters in Nutrition and works as a consulting Dietitian. She practiced art as a hobby and gifted handmade paintings to her near and dear ones on special occasions. Glass painting, canvas paintings, mandala, and palette knife paintings were few of them. Few years back Indian folk art caught her attention.

India is having a rich culture and incredible heritage of more than 50 tribal and folk arts. She practiced various art forms like Warli art, Gond art, and Madhubani art. After a distinguished career as a Nutritionist, now she pursues her lifelong passion for art.

The vibrancy of Madhubani art is an attraction for all of us. Each painting tells a unique story. The geometrical patterns, fine lines, face having pointed nose; fish-like eyes all caught attention. The detailing in the sketching part (Kachni) is the most challenging part which she enjoys the most. The more intricate the painting more beautiful it looks. She make paintings of her compositions in themes related to Religious, Social, and inspired by Nature. Mythological figures and scenes from sacred texts are very common subjects like Radha Krishna, Shiva, Ram Sita, Ganesha, Saraswati, Lakshmi, etc. She makes paintings in a traditional way using Natural colors and nib pens. She make paintings using acrylic colors too.

She has participated in various National and International contests. Her artworks got exhibited in an online exhibition conducted by Bangiya Kala Kendra International art -Expression. One of her paintings got published in E-newspaper. She also teaches Madhubani paintings to students and aspiring artists who wish to learn this traditional art form which helps to preserve them. She has done Madhubani painting on a variety of mediums like Saree, Dupatta, Mdf products, Canvas, Papermache products, etc.

One of the folk art which is very near to her heart is Mithila art. It’s also known as Madhubani art. The symbols, natural elements used in the painting have their specific meaning. Madhubani art has distinctive styles, to deeply understand and explore this art form she has done a Diploma course in Mithila Art.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn to make Dancing Peacock Painting in Madhubani Artform
  • Learn to paint in the traditional way using madhubani nib and brush
  • learn the dos and donts of colouring in madhubani artform
  • Learn to create different backgrounds
  • Use this painting for your home or as a gift to your loved ones.

Course Content

contact teacher for support or if you have any questions.

  • contact teacher for support or if you have any questions.

Reference Image

01 – Introduction to Madhubani Painting

02 -Materials Required

03 – Making Colourful Acrylic Ink

04 – Kachni Lessons

05 – Drawing Borders

06.1 -Drawing main sketch of peacock part 1

06.2 -Drawing main sketch of peacock part 2

06.3 -Drawing peacock Feathers

07.1 -Kachniwork (ornamentation)peacock part 1

07.2 -Kachniwork (ornamentation)peacock part 2

08.1-Drawing background pattern Part 1

08.2-Drawing background pattern Part 2

08.3 -Drawing background pattern Part 3

09.1 – Colourful Kachniwork part 1

09.2 – Colourful Kachniwork part 2

09.3 – Colourful Kachniwork part 3

09.4 – Colourful Kachniwork part 4(Green Colour)

09.5 -Colourful Kachniwork Part 5 (Green colour)

09.6 -Colourful Kachniwork Part 6 (Yellow colour)

09.7 -Colourful Kachniwork Part 7 (Orange colour)

09.8 – Colourful Kachniwork and colourful filling Part 8

09.9 – Colourful Kachniwork part 9

09.10 – Colourful Kachniwork part 10

010 -Background colouring

011 – Colouring Border

012 – Finishing of Final painting

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