SS01 – Learn Madhubani Painting – Kachni & Bharni Style, Level 1 [Self Learning Online Course]

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About Course

Soni Singh is an Artist and a Journalist. She has completed B.F.A and M.J from Varanasi and honestly endeavoring to uphold both responsibilities of these two different areas. She has completed B.F.A (Year 2000) and M.J from Varanasi and honestly endeavoring to uphold both responsibilities of these two different areas.

She has been in the art field for 20 years. With ‘Kala Virasat’ she is attempting to preserve the folk arts of India chiefly Madhubani and promulgating it to new generation connecting them to their roots, the journey has started with an Art Exhibition in Mumbai (India), with the help of the Indian Government she has exhibited the Madhubani Paintings in the different schools of Varanasi and enlightened the enthusiastic students about the basics of Indian art.

She teaches students in her workshop as well as on YouTube she gives online classes. She is also a regular writer for the website ‘Kashipatrika’ which also focuses on Indian culture and its history.

Soni Singh has now created “Learn Madhubani Painting, Foundation Course” for everyone to learn this amazing Indian Artform. This course will help students to learn the Basics of Madhubani (Fish, Border, Flowers, Birds). As we learn alphabets then words to make a sentence or a para in the English language. Similarly, after we are done with the basics, we’ll begin our journey of making beautiful paintings.

In this course, we will make two paintings of two types of Madhubani. First, Kachni; where the painting is only made up of one color with intricate work of lines, and second Bharni; as the name suggests, that is filled with motifs and bright colors.

The word “Madhuban” means “forest of honey” from which Madhubani is derived, but sometimes it is also known as “madhu”+”vaani” meaning “sweet” “voice/language”. Madhubani paintings are made in Bihar, especially in Mithilanchan and adjoining areas, as well as in some parts of Nepal.
Madhubani painting is more than 3000 years old Indian art. The origin can be traced to the time of the Ramayana, when King Janaka ordered his kingdom to decorate his Mithila Region for the wedding of his daughter, Sita to Shree Rama.

Originally started as a form of bhitti chitra (wall painting), it has now extended to different mediums like cloth, canvas, paper, wood, sarees, etc. The painting was done traditionally by women and was considered a feminine form of art.

The paintings are the exclusive monopoly of artists and their knowledge has been passed from generation to generation, from mothers to daughters. Girls learn to play with a brush and with colors from childhood.
It’s known for vibrant colors. Madhubani painting is one where you’ll always find the surface (canvas) full of color and pattern; the empty spaces are filled with flowers, leaves, and other geometrical patterns. In these paintings; motifs are related to Hindu mythology.

They all have a meaning behind them; fish symbolize fertility, elephants strength, power, wisdom, and loyalty, peacocks symbolize love, knowledge, and romance. trees symbolize long life, lotus the female gender, and so on.

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What Will You Learn?

  • 1. Learn World's popular Indian artform.
  • 2. Create "Two" beautiful paintings
  • 3. Gift dear ones painting that you made from your own hand especially for the occasion.
  • 4. Give your home an artistic look.
  • 5. Bring positivity to your life with these multicolored paintings.

Course Content

Lesson 1 – Introduction and History of Madhubani Painting

  • Lesson 1 – Introduction and History of Madhubani Painting

Lesson 2 – Learn Madhubani Borders

Lesson 3 – Learn Five types of Madhubani Flowers

Lesson 4 – Learn Three types of Madhubani Fishes

Lesson 5 – Learn Three types of Madhubani Birds

Lesson 6 – Madhubani Kachni Style Deer

Lesson 7 – Bharni Style Colorful Peacock

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