Online Rajasthani Phad painting classes, Part 1- Dancing Ganesha [Course starting 15-April-2021]


Phad painting or phad (/pʌd/; IAST: Phad, Hindi: फड़ ) is a style of religious scroll painting and folk painting, practised in the Rajasthan state of India. This style of painting is traditionally done on a long piece of cloth or canvas, known as phad. The narratives of the folk deities of Rajasthan, mostly of Pabuji and Devnarayan are depicted on the phads. The Bhopas, the priest-singers traditionally carry the painted phads along with them and use these as the mobile temples of the folk deities, who are worshipped by the Rebari community of the region. The phads of Pabuji are normally about 15 feet in length, while the phads of Devnarayan are normally about 30 feet long. Traditionally the phads are painted with vegetable colours

In this ten days course, I will go through step by step process to teach and coach you on how to learn this beautiful Indian Folk Art, Rajasthani Phad Painting. Here in this workshop, we will paint Dancing Ganesha

What Will I Learn?

  • Students will be able to learn how to draw and paint Rajasthani Phad painting, the traditional way
  • Students will be able to learn how to mix natural colours to create beautiful paintings
  • Students will be able to generate an income for themselves and their family

Topics for this course

15 Lessons10h


Course overview Materials needed Preparation
Rajasthani Phad Painting – An Introduction00:00:00

01 – Sketching Process

02 – Base Color, Yellow

03 – Gold Shading, Part 1

04 – Gold Shading, Part 2

05 – Outlining and line shading process, Part 1

06 – Outlining and line shading process, Part 2

07 – Outlining and line shading process, Part 3

08 – Outlining and line shading process, Part 4

09 – Outlining and line shading process, Part 5

10 – Outlining and line shading process, Part 6

11 – Outlining and line shading process, Part 7

12 – Outlining and line shading process, Part 8

13 – Outlining and line shading process, Part 9

About the instructor

DOLLY JAIN ARTIST – PHAD ART AND PAINTINGS Dolly Jain (Neetu) a Phad artist from Chittorgarh Rajasthan. 700 old legacy of Phad has its origin from Shahpura near Bhilwara. Phad painting is a type of scroll painting that narrates and elaborates religious stories of local deities and gods. Phad artists need to be extremely skilled, adhering to techniques taught by a professional or an ancestor. Depending on the complexity, it can take a few weeks to a few months to complete an artwork. Working with Phad, she has also mastered some other paintings such as Pichwai paintings, miniature artwork, ragini, realistic art, modern art and many more. Dolly is a freelance artist and operates a page on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram by name Kalabhoomi where she teaches art and even takes projects related to art and paintings. Over the years she has been a part of many workshops and exhibitions, the significant ones to mention are: • Workshop with SPIC MACAY in Bikaner, Bhilwara, Chittorgarh etc. • Workshop with Meraki in Bengaluru. • Done an exhibition and live workshop in Nehru Centre, Mumbai. • 3 days exhibition in Mewar girls college, Chittorgarh. • Successfully completed 8 days' workshop with Tatvam in Ahmedabad. • Have had 8 online workshops with Sacred Roots by Harvinder. • Also had 3 months online course workshop with Arthub. Her ambition is to do workshops and exhibitions at the National gallery of modern art and Jahangir art gallery Mumbai. Dolly also enjoys cooking and listening to music. She says "I have a great passion for travelling and has seen whole India with an artistic view. I love nature and believe nature in God and even one must take care of it". I also like to do social work like donating for girl’s education, raising awareness against female foeticide and child labour.
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Material Includes

  • Digital contents
  • Coaching

Enrolment validity: 30 days


  • Students are required to commit around 10-15 hours of time during the workshop.
  • Students will need a clean and quiet place to draw and paint
  • 200 GSM paper
  • Basic stationery

Target Audience

  • Anyone who loves Rajasthani Phad painting, including but not limited to housewives, retirees, children, artists etc.,