Kolam for beginners


Kolam is a floor art of South India which has more than a thousand years of rich history. Apart from its cultural role, Kolam is also a therapeutic exercise, as it involves complete coordination of mind and body.

Topics covered in the course:

1.History of Kolam

2.Introduction on the  types of Kolam

3.Training on the various patterns of Kolam with symmetry


About the instructor

IT professional turned into a home grown historian due to the love and interest for Indian culture,Tamil literature,inscriptions and local history.Has given presentations and written many research articles on literature and local history in both English and Tamil.After a research on Tamilnadu’s Kolam history transformed into an avid Kolam artist.On an attempt to revive Tamilnadu’s Chikku kolam,aims to present them in an attractive format based form.Runs a youtube channel in her name which carries more than hundred videos on literature and history.Conducted many storytelling sessions for children and adults to create an awareness on environment and history.
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Target Audience

  • Above 7 years of age