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Anjali Ram is an Indian folk Artist. She is so much attracted to arts at childhood only. She has learned a different kind of art while doing her studies. she is now the founder of Anjali Arts-The Handmade art studio. Apart from this, she does Mysore painting, Kerala painting, and all Indian folk arts. Anjali Ram has now created this “AR01 – Learn Kalamkari Painting, Radha Krishna, Foundation COURSE” for everyone to learn this amazing art form remotely. The course teaches the students how to draw and color basic motifs.

The entire course is structured in a way that anyone can learn this course remotely. You can share your experience in Buddy press groups for Kalamkari Painting.

The name Kalamkari originates from Persian words Kalam (pen) and Kari (craftsmanship). Andhra Pradesh is famous all over for this form of art. The major forms are Srikalahasthi from Chittoor district, and Machilipatnam Kalamkari of Krishna district.

The whole process of Srikalahasthi Kalamkari involves seventeen steps such as block making followed by cloth treating, printing, and washing etc.

The Srikalahasthi style of Kalamkari is used mostly for narrating the religious myths and also epics on fabric while the saris of this particular style are renowned for its classy and artistic borders and pallu. Kalamkari colours are made mostly from vegetable dyes.

Topics for this course

14 Lessons

1. Introduction to Kalamkari

1. Introduction to Kalamkari00:00:00

2. Process of Kalamkari Painting

3. Learn to draw basic motifs

4.Learn borders in Kalamkari Painting

5.Learn to draw Animals and Birds in Kalamkari Painting

6.Learn to draw female face and hands

7 Learn to draw Radha Krishna in Kalamkari Painting

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